Run To The Heels EP (2014) $4.99

The Kids Are Not Alright/Post-Coital Disinterest Blues/God Is A Prick/Midwife Crisis/Bitch Tits/Wrathchild

Irritable Vowel Syndrome album (2012) $12.99

Antipasto Superstar/One Fine Day/Stepmother of Doom/Mullumbimby/Mr Nice Guy/Beef Curtains/My Kinda Girl/One Way Ticket/Father Dear/Risen



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What Doesn't Kill You... Makes You Prettier EP (2010) $4.99

What Doesn't Kill You.../JOB/Gentle Jesus/Mr Wonderful/Free Download

Platinum Brunette album (2009) $12.99

Surrounded By Idiots/Braindead/Get Someone Else/Slam/BMW/My Own Way/Rise/Ex/Your World/Wake Up/Your Funeral/Pretty Vacant 

BMW single (2007) $3.99

BMW/Braindead (live)/Get Someone Else (live)